Why Clean Your Carpet

Carpets should really be deep cleaned AT LEAST once every year with maintenance cleaning of high traffic areas in between.

Floors and carpets get dirty, sometimes quickly (especially if you have pets and young children) or sometimes gradually over time and to contend with this we all of us have a vacuum cleaner. Most people believe that vacuuming is enough but it really isn’t Unfortunately even the best vacuum and regular vacuuming can only remove so much dirt. Some is always left behind to accumulate because it is either deep within the carpet fibers or actually attracted to the fibers, and over time this builds up.  In order to maintain your carpet and a healthy environment this soiling needs to be removed regularly.

Carpets, as well as looking and feeling nice, act as filters in the home.  They filter everything including dust, dead skin, hair, grit and soil that are found in the home environment.  These find their way into the carpet through air movement and the inevitable force of gravity.

Carpets will trap these particles that would otherwise circulate around your home, rendering much of the allergens, mold spores and germs / bacteria harmless.  It is a common misconception that carpets are unhealthy when compared to hard floors in fact carpets are the healthiest floor covering you can have, but they do need to be properly maintained to remain this way. Otherwise the soil builds up and the carpet no longer functions as the filter it should and instead of filtering out it allows a steady stream of allergens back into the home environment.

Through proper cleaning and maintenance we can add years to the life of your carpet, because dirt in the carpet is a major cause of carpet wear. Without thorough cleaning destructive and harmful mites and bacteria are left to thrive and damage your carpet and your living environment.

The cost and benefits of cleaning make complete sense when you compare it to the cost of replacing your carpets and furnishings, and it is recommended by carpet manufacturers to extend the life of your carpet.

The best method for cleaning carpets is hot water extraction (sometimes called steam cleaning).  Where possible this is the method we use although we do have other methods at our disposal to suit different situations and specific carpet types.